European leader says Islam 'has no place in Slovakia'

European leader says Islam 'has no place in Slovakia'
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27 May, 2016
Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico said that his country will never accept Islam, and attacked EU requests to host Syrian refugees.
Fico is viewed as a left-wing populist prime minister [AFP]

Slovakia's newly re-elected Prime Minister Robert Fico has come under fire for saying that Islam has no place in the Central European country.

The left-wing premier used an interview with Slovakia's state news agency to attack Islam again.

"I'm sorry, Islam has no place in Slovakia," he said in an interview with TASR news agency.

He also retiterated his opposition to multiculturalism during and said he would continue to oppose Slovakia taking in refugees as part of the EU's quota plan.

Fico said that he did not want "tens of thousand of Muslims" coming to Slovakia to "promote their stuff".

Fico also attacked Slovakia's Roma population saying some were known to cheat the benefits' system.

Slovakia's Roma population have long been discriminated against and children from the community have been sent to special schools or segregated in state schools.

On Thursday, the EU attacked this practice and demanded Roma children be fully integrated into the country's education system.

This is not the first time the prime minister has spoken against Islam. In January, Fico said that he would "fight" immigration from Muslim countries saying he did not want the country to be exposed to extremist attacks.

He also used anti-Muslim sentiments when he stood for re-election in March and insisted Slovakia remains a "Christian country". However, the number of refugees Slovakia has been viewed as tiny compared to other western EU states.

"Not only are we refusing mandatory quotas, we will never make a voluntary decision that would lead to formation of a united Muslim community in Slovakia," he said.

"Multiculturalism is a fiction. Once you let migrants in, you can face such problems."

Next year, Bratislava will hold the EU presidency.