European influencer arrested for 'mocking' Dubai beach coronavirus curfew

European influencer arrested for 'mocking' Dubai beach coronavirus curfew
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23 March, 2020
A European influencer has been detained the UAE for breaking beach curfew rules.
Dubai has announced new measures to deal with the coronavirus outbreak [Getty]
A European man has been arrested in the Dubai for posting a video showing him allegedly mock a beach curfew, one of several measures put in place by UAE authorities to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The man, believed to be a fitness instructor, was detained after posting a video of himself and a friend at the Jumeirah Beach Residence complex in Dubai and posting it on Instagram.

The video showed the influencer at the popular Dubai beach resort praising the crowds who had ignored instructions by authorities to avoid public gatherings to stop the spread of COVID-19, according to The National.

When a police patrol car rolled past, the "influencer" reportedly mocked the law enforcers on camera, something that appeared to have sparked the ire of authorities.

"[The man] ignored the instructions of a police patrol while mocking precautionary measures issued by health and official authorities," Dubai police said, according to the UAE daily.

The UAE has announced measures to deal with the global coronavirus pandemic, including a ban on parks and beach gatherings.

"The General Command of the Dubai Police warns that residents must comply with the directives issued by security entities, be they local or federal," police said on Sunday, according to The National.

"If safeguards for public health are violated, residents will be held accountable and face legal measures." 

On Monday, Emirati authorities requested people stay at their homes "unless absolutely necessary", after many residents appeared to have ignored social distancing advice and continued their lives as normal.

Malls, markets and other non-essential shops were also ordered to close on Monday, while a two-day flight ban was also announced.

The UAE has seen 153 coronavirus cases and two deaths since the outbreak in January.

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