EU taking Israeli designation of Palestine NGOs 'seriously', wants clarifications

EU taking Israeli designation of Palestine NGOs 'seriously', wants clarifications
The EU has said it will ask Israel for more information on its decision to classify six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist groups
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29 October, 2021
Josep Borrell said the EU is taking the matter very seriously [Getty]

The European Union is seeking clarification from Israel regarding its decision to designate six Palestinian NGOs as "terrorist" entities, according to a statement issued Thursday.

The union said it is taking the matter "seriously" and that Israel’s decision will have "far-reaching effects on these organisations politically, legally and financially," read the statement issued by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, Josep Borrell.

"We will ask the Israeli authorities for more information about it," Borrell said.

The EU last year began to investigate its funding of Palestinian civil society organisations after allegations from a pro-Israel monitor that the money can make its way into the hands of "terrorist" groups.

Borrell stressed that "the European Union has never funded terrorist organisations, and that all previous allegations of misuse of European Union funds by Palestinian groups have not been confirmed."

The UN has also slammed the decision, while the US has demanded answers from its ally.

Benny Gantz, Israel's defence minister, made the decision to designate the Palestinian organisations as "terrorist" entities on Tuesday.

The measure applies to groups including Defence for Children Palestine, detainee rights organisation Addameer and the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees.

Their workplaces now risk closure, and their employees are at risk of being detained.