EU urges immediate ceasefire to halt Gaza, Israel violence as Palestinian death toll rises to 28

EU urges immediate ceasefire to halt Gaza, Israel violence as Palestinian death toll rises to 28
At least 28 Palestinians have been killed as of Thursday, as Israel continued its strikes on the besieged enclave for a third consecutive day.
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11 May, 2023
Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza for a third consecutive day, while Palestinians responded with rocket fire [Getty]

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The European Union has called for an immediate truce to halt Israeli operations in Gaza and rocket fire on Israel, foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said.

"We urge an immediate comprehensive ceasefire which will end Israeli military operations in Gaza and current rocket firing against Israel, which is unacceptable. International humanitarian law must be respected," Borrell said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Health Ministry said that the death toll in the besieged Gaza Strip has risen to 28, as of Thursday.

Neighbouring Egypt is currently amidst mediating between Israel and the besieged Gaza Strip, which is currently suffering under Israeli airstrikes for a third consecutive day, after Tel Aviv struck an apartment building in western Khan Younis, killing an Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commander and three of his relatives.

Israel is reportedly examining Egypt's proposals, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen told Israeli public broadcaster Kan.

Israeli media further said on Thursday, that a delegation from Cairo has arrived in Tel Aviv in order to reach a ceasefire agreement, though no Egyptian statement has been made yet.

Egypt, which shares a border with the coastal enclave, often mediates between the Gazan territory and Israel.

Earlier today, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad later announced the death of Ali Ghali, commander of a rocket launch unit, in a pre-dawn strike that was carried out by Israeli forces in the south of the Strip.

Prior to that, an exchange of shelling between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli forces took place lasting several hours, after Israel failed to agree on a ceasefire, refusing to commit to ending the attacks on the besieged strip.

The number of Palestinians killed in Israeli air attacks on Gaza has risen to 25, while 76 people have been wounded, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said.

Most of those killed were women and children, the Palestinian WAFA news agency reported on Thursday.

Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations are still working to reach an agreement to halt the latest escalation.

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Red Crescent urges international community to pressure Israel to create humanitarian corridor

The Palestinian Red Crescent has appealed to international organisations to pressure Israel to create a humanitarian corridor in Gaza to allow for the entry of medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

The call comes as humanitarian conditions in the besieged enclave are deteriorating amid Israeli airstrikes, which have hit Gaza for a third consecutive day.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation checkpoints surrounding the Gaza Strip are still closed for the fourth day in a row, further worsening conditions in the blockaded territory.

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One person killed in near Tel Aviv by rocket fire from Gaza: officials

One person was killed on Thursday in Rehovot, near Tel Aviv, by what officials say a rocket launched from the besieged Gaza Strip killed, according to Army Radio.

At least five other people were wounded in the strike on the four-storey apartment building in Rehovot, the Magen David Adom medical service said. 

Meanwhile, the death toll in Gaza has risen to 26, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.


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Gaza: Facts you need to know

The Gaza Strip, with a population exceeding two million, stands as one of the most densely populated regions globally. 

Since 2007, it has been subjected to a comprehensive Israeli air, land, and sea blockade, severely limiting movement beyond its compact 365 square kilometers (149 square miles). 

The blockade has gone on to further impoverish the coastal enclave, while hindering movement for its residents, as well as blocking the crucial import of medical supplies.

Officially, eight refugee camps accommodate around 1.5 million inhabitants, initially established as temporary shelters after the events of 1948, according to UNRWA. Over time, these camps have become densely populated with multi-story apartment buildings.

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Israeli air raid kill another Islamic Jihad commander

Israeli air raids on Thursday in the besieged Gaza Strip have killed a commander from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)'s military wing, Ahmed Abu Daqqa, according to the faction.

The strikes wounded four others near the Gazan city of Khan Younis, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

The latest incident in the blockaded enclave has now brought the death toll to 26, with 84 injured.

Gazans reel from Israeli strikes in cities of the besieged enclave [Getty]
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Egyptian delegation 'on its way' to Tel Aviv: Israeli media

An Egyptian delegation is reportedly headed to Tel Aviv as part of Cairo's efforts to reach a ceasefire agreements between Israeli and Palestinian factions in the besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli state media, citing an unnamed source.

However, no Egyptian statement has been issued on this matter.

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Gaza boy dies from panic attack during Israeli bombardment on besieged strip

A five-year-old Gazan boy died of a severe panic attack, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said, while Israeli warplanes struck his city.

Tamim Dawood was undergoing treatment for a heart condition before Israel launched its airstrikes on the besieged enclave.

The sound of bombardment triggered a panic attack in the young boy, who was then rushed to hospital.

Tamim was unresponsive during intensive care, and passed away at dawn on Wednesday, his mother told Palestinian media.

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Egypt, France, Jordan and Germany urge end to Gaza fighting

The foreign ministers of Egypt, France, Germany and Jordan on Thursday called for an end to Israel's airstrikes on the besieged Gaza strip, which have so far killed at least 25 Palestinians.

"The bloodletting must end now," said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock after hosting talks with her counterparts, according to AFP.

Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi also said the "negative developments must end, peace must be revived."

Safadi said it was urgent to "calm the situation" and to create confidence building measures that could lead to a political perspective for long-term peace.

The worst escalation of violence in months has also injured 76 people, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Israel often strikes the blockaded enclave under the pretext of targeting members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group, and Hamas.

Moreover, Israel has imposed a years-long embargo on Gaza since 2007, plunging the enclave into increased poverty, unemployment and a health crisis.

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Over 300 building in Gaza have been damaged amid Israeli strikes

At least 360 houses have been damaged in the besieged Gaza enclave, following an intensification of Israeli airstrikes which have killed at least 25 people.

The damaged homes are now 'unhabitable', said Salama Maarouf, a spokesperson for the Gaza government to The New Arab.

In a press conference, Maarouf said: "The Israeli occupation deliberately targets the security in Gaza and displaces civilians since it can not affect the Palestinian resistance in Gaza".

Early on Thursday, Israeli warplanes struck a residential apartment in Hamad Towers, west of Khan Younis, killing a Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Ali Ghali, and three of his relatives.

Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes destroyed a two-floor residential unit housing the 20-member family of al-Masri in Beit Lahia town in northern Gaza last night.

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Homes in Gaza, which have been hit by Israeli air strikes, are now unhabitable [Getty]
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Israel 'continues to target' those sheltering in homes: Islamic Jihad

The Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement has accused Israeli forces continues to target those sheltering in their homes with "destructive and American-made" missiles, according to The New Arab's Arabic-language site, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, citing an official statement

The group stressed that "the policy of assassination by bombing residential buildings will not grant the enemy a victory, and that the upcoming strikes will reveal [Israel's] weakness".

The movement also stressed that the killing of PIJ commander Ali Ghali "will not stop them from retaliating", and that the Al-Quds Brigades are capable of "increasing rocket fire" on Israel.

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Norwegian Refugee Council calls for 'immediate end' on violence in Gaza

The Norwegian Refugee Council is calling for an immediate end to hostilities in the besieged Gaza Strip, which has been hit by continuous Israeli airstrikes since the beginning of this week, killing at least 25 people, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

"Renewed conflict in Gaza shows that the international community has failed in preventing Israel from using unnecessary lethal force against civilians and ensuring basic needs for the population it occupied," said Caroline Ort, NRC'S country director for Palestine.

"We appeal to all parties for an immediate ceasefire to spare lives. Indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Gaza and Israel must stop. Israel must abide by international law and distinguish between civilians who directly participate in hostilities and those who do not or no longer do," she added.

Israeli began  striking the besieged enclave on Tuesday, saying it was targeting Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leaders. Many civilians, including women and children, have been killed. 76 are also injured, according to officials.


Children in Gaza look on as several houses were demolished by Israeli airstrikes [Getty]
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Islamic Jihad chief arrives in Cairo

Chief political negotiator for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Mohammed al-Hindi is arriving in Cairo this morning to pursue a ceasefire with Israel over Gaza, according to anonymous Egyptian sources speaking to al-Araby al-Jadeed.

Al-Hindi’s visit to Cairo came after an official invitation from Egyptian intelligence services, according to the sources.

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Israel: Ceasefire talks on Gaza facing challenges but remain possible

Israel has said that ceasefire talks in Gaza, mediated by Egypt, are facing challenges, but an agreement is still possible.

The Israeli broadcaster KAN reported that the "ceasefire talks mediated by Egypt are facing many difficulties."

The broadcaster reported that the Islamic Jihad has set three conditions for Israel to agree to a ceasefire. There are handing over the body of Khader Adnan, ending assassinations in the West Bank, and cancelling the planned flag march in the Old City of Jerusalem next week.

The report cited an unnamed Israeli political source as saying "at this stage, we are not preoccupied with a ceasefire but only with the firing".

The KAN reported on Wednesday, citing informed sources about the details of the de-escalation talks, that "there is a glimmer of hope for a mutually agreed ceasefire."

The broadcaster noted that despite the ongoing process, efforts and discussions for a ceasefire are still underway.

It cited an unnamed Israeli source saying: "All parties have an interest in a ceasefire."

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Israeli occupation maintains closure of Kerem Shalom crossing and Beit Hanoun checkpoint

Israeli authorities have continued the closure of Kerem Shalom commercial crossing in the southern Gaza Strip and Beit Hanoun checkpoint for the third consecutive day on Thursday.

The closure of Kerem Shalom crossing prevents the Gaza Strip from obtaining essential goods and fuel for the power plant in Gaza.

The closure of Beit Hanoun checkpoint prevents patients from traveling to receive treatment in hospitals in the occupied territories and the West Bank. It also restricts the movement of foreign diplomats and journalists.

Israel often uses the policy of closing crossings with Gaza as a punitive measure against the civilian population, which has been met with protests from local and international human rights organisations.

This policy causes significant difficulties and hardships for over 2.3 million Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Gaza Ministry of Health: Death toll rises to 25, with 76 injured

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announces that the number of Palestinians who were killed in various Israeli airstrikes since Tuesday has risen to 25 individuals.

In a statement, the ministry said, "The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza has resulted in the death of 25 Palestinians and the injury of 76 others since early Tuesday morning."

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UN chief Antonio Guterres condemns killing of civilians in Gaza

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned the civilian loss of life in the ongoing attacks on Gaza by Israel, his deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq has said in a statement.

Guterres “condemns the civilian loss of life, including that of children and women, which he views as unacceptable and must stop immediately”, the statement read.

He further urged all parties concerned to “exercise maximum restraint and to work to stop hostilities immediately”.

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UN Middle East envoy says civilian death in Israeli strikes 'unacceptable'

Tor Wennesland, the UN’s Middle East Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, has said the deaths of “civilians” from Israeli air attack was “unacceptable”.

“I condemn the deaths of civilians in the Israeli airstrikes. This is unacceptable,” he wrote in a statement.

“I urge all concerned to exercise maximum restraint and avoid an escalation,” he said.

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Israeli strikes kill Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander

According to Palestinian media reports, the Israeli strikes targeted the top floor of a building at a residential complex in Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip, killing several people, including an Islamic Jihad commander.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced the death of Ali Ghali, commander of a rocket launch unit, in a pre-dawn strike on Thursday that was carried out by Israeli forces in the south of the Gaza Strip.