Erdogan aide wards away potential coronavirus transmitters with thermal camera

Erdogan aide wards away potential coronavirus transmitters with thermal camera
Turkey's President Erdogan debuted a novel method of personal protection from COVID-19 in parliament, scanning crowds with a thermal camera to prevent potential coronavirus transmitters from approaching.
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11 March, 2020
Erdogan has eschewed handshakes since coronavirus spread to Turkey [Getty]

As an increasing toll of politicians around the world become infected with coronavirus, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has innovated a prevention method to ward away possible COVID-19 transmitters. 

In parliament on Wednesday, Erdogan was accompanied by an extra cameraman scanning those interacting with the President for a fever, a symptom of the fast-spreading virus.

The aide scanned reporters and politicians approaching the Turkish leader as he arrived in parliament the same day Turkey confirmed its first case of coronavirus.

Erdogan later told members of his AK Party that Turkey was implementing sufficient measures to protect all citizens. 

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“No virus is stronger than our measures,” he said.

A presidential official confirmed that the thermal camera could continue to be used in Erdogan’s future public appearances to limit his exposure to the virus, which carries a higher risk for older sufferers.

Erdogan, 66, has also done away with handshakes this week, instead placing his hand over his heart, even with notable dignitaries such as the European Council President Charles Michel in Brussels and with newly appointed ambassadors in Ankara.

He explained his actions on both occasions by simply saying: “Corona!”

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