After already leaving a slick from leaking fuel while it was still afloat, the sunken Rubymar ship now poses a new set of environmental threats under water.
COP hosts UAE, Azerbaijan, Brazil have teamed up to keep alive the pledges contained in the Dubai agreement at COP28.
Projections for agricultural output fell as drought in Morocco continues for another year, prompting concern from Moroccan farmers.
A start-up in Greenland harvests ice from natural glaciers in the Arctic and exports it around 9,000 nautical miles to the UAE, raising environmental concerns.
A coalition of more than 100 countries want an agreement in the final hours of the COP28 summit that includes language to "phase out" fossil fuels.
As the UN climate summit enters its final days, a leaked letter reveals OPEC's growing concerns that negotiations may result in a call for phasing out fossil fuels to address the escalating climate crisis.
Nearly 200 countries meeting in Dubai for the UN's COP28 climate summit are debating whether to agree, for the first time, to eventually end the world's use of fossil fuels, the main cause of climate change.
Baku's Ecology Minister Mukhtar Babayev said he was 'delighted to announce' that there 'is an overall consensus on the candidacy of Azerbaijan to host COP29'.
Some 2,456 fossil fuel lobbyists have been granted access to the summit in Dubai in a further sign that COP28 was being used by 'big polluters' as an opportunity to advance a fossil-fuelled agenda at the expense of frontline communities.
COP28 host the UAE has been slammed as hypocritical by a rights group and a former US vice president over its 'dangerously' high levels of air pollution.