Eleven killed in Syrian-regime controlled area of Aleppo

Eleven killed in Syrian-regime controlled area of Aleppo
Shelling in West Aleppo left 11 people dead on Friday with reports of armed clashes between pro-regime and opposition forces in several neighbourhoods of the war-torn city
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07 October, 2016
The UN's envoy to Syria has said Aleppo is facing "total destruction" [Getty]

Eleven people, including a woman and child, were killed in Syrian rebel shelling of a regime-held neighbourhood of Aleppo on Friday.

Another 65 people were injured, some critically, in the attack on Jameliaiah in West Aleppo, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights with the death toll expected to rise.

Elsewhere the Syrian Observatory reported that air raids have taken place in al-Inzarat - a rebel-held neighbourhood of East Aleppo - and numerous towns in the Aleppo countryside including Urum al-Kubra, where a deadly attack on an aid convoy took place on 19 September.

Clashes also broke out in several districts of Aleppo, where pro-regime forces have started an offensive and are advancing on Salahuddin and Bureij.

On Thursday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued an ultimatum to rebels in East Aleppo stating that unless they agreed to a "reconciliation" deal pro-regime forces would “continue the fight with the rebels until they leave Aleppo.... there's no other option".

Assad's comments, made during an interview with Danish broadcaster TV2, came following an earlier statement on Thursday by Staffan de Mistura during which the UN's envoy to Syria pleaded with the al-Qaeda linked Fatah al-Sham to leave East Aleppo.

The continued presence of Fatah al-Sham in Aleppo had been used as justification by the Syrian regime and its Russian backers for its ongoing bombardment of the city.

But activists and Syrians say that Fatah al-Sham's presence in the city is minimal, and the group is being used as a pretext for Russia to carpet bomb civilian areas and hit the city's infrastructure.

Speaking on Thursday De Mistura said that if fighting continued in Aleppo at its current pace the historic city would be "totally destroyed" by the end of the year.