Egypt's hospitals 'running out of room' for mild coronavirus patients

Egypt's hospitals 'running out of room' for mild coronavirus patients
Mild coronavirus patients in Egypt have been told to quarantine at home due to limited hospital capacity.
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02 May, 2020
Egypt asked patients to quarantine at home coronavirus infections reached 5537 cases. [AFP]
Egypt's health officials have released new instructions ordering asymptomatic and mild coronavirus patients to quarantine at home, as hospitals reach their capacity. 

The Egyptian ministry of health and population released the home quarantine instructions on Friday, as total coronavirus infections exceeded the capacity of hospitals to provide care.

While most people who contract the novel coronavirus cases show little to no symptoms, around 20 percent of total patients develop severe or critical symptoms, according to a Chinese study

Following the positive diagnosis of a Covid-19 case, the treating doctor decides whether to send the patient home for quarantine based on the seriousness condition

The doctor is required to explain the rules of home quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus to other members of the household, such as using a seperate bathroom or extensive cleaning after each use, the ministrial guide said.

Patients are also trained to measure their temperatures and are instructed to watch their symptoms in case of developments.

The latest move by Egypt will divert patients not in immediate need of hospitalisation away from medical facilities to make room for more critical coronavirus patients.

Egypt has recorded a total of 5,537 coronavirus infections, according to the World Health Organization's Friday report. The infection has resulted in 269 deaths in the country.

Most coronavirus patients experience symptoms similar to the common cold, including fever, chills, a sore throat and a headache.

However, patients have been advised to seek emergency medical care in case of experiencing persistent chest pain, confusion and facial discoloration, according to the US national health institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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