Egypt's Big Ramy crowned Mr Olympia for the second year in a row

Egypt's Big Ramy crowned Mr Olympia for the second year in a row
The bodybuilder is believed to have walked home with at least $400,000 following his win at the worlds most prestigious bodybuilding showcase
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10 October, 2021
Big Ramy is the first Egyptian and second Middle Eastern man to be crowned Mr Olympia [Getty]

Egyptian bodybuilder 'Big Ramy' was crowned Mr Olympia for the second year running at the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness' (IFBB) world championships on Saturday.

The champion, Mamdouh Elssbiay, held onto his title following the world's most prestigious bodybuilding showcase, which took place in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center for the competition's 46th year, according to Sporting News.

The bodybuilder, 37, who was the first Egyptian in the world to win the title last December, is believed to have walked home with a prize of at least $400,000, matching the prize money he took last year.

"I'm so excited to stand next to the best of the best in this world", the bodybuilder said in an Instagram post prior to being crowned.

"This year’s the IFBB World Championships will be the largest event held so far in the history of our sport ... with a participation of more than 1,500 athletes from over 100 countries", the IFBB said on their website.

The world-renowned Mr Olympia contest, forming part of the IFBB championships, kicked off on Friday and continued through to Saturday, where Elssbiay remained unshaken against his competitors Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan and Hunter Labrada who fell behind him.

Elssbiay was the second person from the Middle East to win Mr Olympia since the tournament’s inception, as Lebanese Samir Bannout was the first to be recognised as the world's top bodybuilder after winning the crown in 1983.

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Last May, Elssbiay made a passionate plea for the world to help Palestine in an Instagram post, apologising for his ability to only use words as he stated "the horror that our young children, mothers and brothers are experiencing in Palestine is horrifying and humiliating to us as Arabs and Muslims".

Arnold Schwarzenegger remains one of the most well known Mr Olympia champions, as he dominated the competition in the 70's after winning for six consecutive years between 1970-1976, report Sporting News.