Egyptian parliament to hold emergency session on military intervention in Libya: report

Egyptian parliament to hold emergency session on military intervention in Libya: report
Egypt's lawmakers are set to hold an emergency meeting to approve military intervention in Libya, after the unity government pushed back Haftar's forces from around Tripoli.
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17 July, 2020
A foreign military intervention would need the support of two thirds of Egypt's Parliament. [Getty]
Egypt's parliament is set to convene to vote on military intervention in Libya, a report said on Friday, following a 'declaration of war' announced by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Citing a source close to the Egyptian government, Arabi21 reported that the emergency session was likely to take place next Sunday.

The lawmakers will reportedly convene to vote on the intervention in line with article 152 of Egypt's constitution, which requires the support of at least two thirds of MPs, as well as the approval of the National Defence Council, to launch a foreign military intervention.

Last month, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned his country would send troops into Libya, in what was perceived by Libya's UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) as a "hostile act" and "a declaration of war."

Sisi's control over state institutions allows him to sort out beauracratic hurdles in the way of his plans for Libya, a diplomatic source previously told The New Arab's Arabic-language publication.

Cairo is a strong backer the rival Libyan forces commanded by militiaman Khalifa Haftar, who been trying unsuccessfully to seize the Tripoli since April 2019, with additional support from Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

The GNA, which receives military support from Turkey, has re-imposed its control over Libya's northwest, prompting backlash from Egypt.

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Most recently on Thursday, Sisi renewed his threats of escalation, despite warnings from the international community against the move.

In a meeting with with self-proclaimed Libyan tribal leaders in Cairo, Sisi said his country "will not stand idle" against threats to the national security of Egypt and Arab countries, just days after the Haftar-aligned eastern Libyan parliament gave in-principle support to an Egyptian military intervention in the country.

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