Egyptian military strikes Libyan 'weapons convoy' crossing border

Egyptian military strikes Libyan 'weapons convoy' crossing border
Egypt’s military says its air force destroyed 12 vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition and explosives crossing the border from Libya.
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28 June, 2017
Egyptian planes struck a convoy travelling from Libya [file photo-AFP]

Egyptian war planes destroyed 12 vehicles Cairo claims were loaded with weapons, ammunitions and explosives, after receiving intelligence that "criminal elements" were attempting to cross the border from Libya.

The military said in a statement on Tuesday that air force planes had set out to explore the border area and took more than 12 hours to track strike. The statement didn't disclose exactly when the strikes had taken place.

Egyptian fighter jets launched airstrikes on what the military said were militant training bases in eastern Libya in May, in response to an earlier attack on Coptic Christians traveling to a remote desert monastery south of Cairo.

Egyptian planes also pounded the Libyan city of Derna, in a joint operation with between the Libyan National Army - led by quasi-general Khalifa Haftar - and Cairo.

That attack, claimed by the Islamic State group, killed 29 Egyptian Coptic pilgrims.

Attacks by IS have killed more than 100 Copts since December