Egyptian doctors detained after forcing nurse to kneel, pray to a dog

Egyptian doctors detained after forcing nurse to kneel, pray to a dog
The case has been handed to a criminal court after the Egyptian prosecution determined the video was published by the accused to "demean" the alleged victim.

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15 September, 2021
A prosecutor ordered on Sunday for the doctors be detained [Getty-file photo]

Three Egyptian doctors have been detained and referred to a criminal court after a video clip emerged showing them bullying a nurse and demanding that he kneel in prayer to a dog.

In the leaked video, the three health workers, who work at Cairo Hospital, were seen reprimanding a nurse for allegedly insulting one of the doctors' dogs, Emirati outlet The National reported.

The video purportedly shows the man tell the nurse to follow their instructions in order to keep his job. The doctors are then seen hitting the alleged victim with a stick and making him jump over a skipping rope, whilst threatening him with electrocution and demanding he kneel to the animal in prayer. 

"Three men are accused of bullying a hospital nurse whom they had authority over," Egyptian Prosecutor General Hamada El-Sawy said.

El-Sawy ordered the detention of the doctors on Sunday, for bullying, abuse of power, and contempt of religion.

He said one of the doctors tried to avoid his arrest prior to being detained later that night.

The doctors, including one senior doctor, another lower-ranked doctor and another hospital employee, were in police custody and awaiting investigations since Sunday.

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On Tuesday, the men were found guilty of the charges the detention was ordered based upon, alongside “attacking Egyptian family values”.

In addition, the doctors were charged with violating the nurse's privacy as the prosecution determined the doctors published the video online through a fake account "to ridicule and demean [the nurse]".

The senior doctor has been fired, The National reported, citing the Egyptian health ministry.

The high-ranking senior doctor made a televised statement on Sunday, alongside Egyptian TV host Amr Adeeb, stating that the video was misconstrued.

The nurse had also made a statement to the show, phoning in to explain that he had made fun of the doctor's previous dog's death, which is why the doctor demanded he made it up to the new dog.

The nurse also said he knew the situation was a joke, though he did not know the video would be posted online and did not like the publicity surrounding it.