Actor apologises for 'unintentionally' wearing sneakers in 'Kuwait flag' colours

Actor apologises for 'unintentionally' wearing sneakers in 'Kuwait flag' colours
An Egyptian star apologised after his sneakers caused outrage among Kuwaitis, who were offended by the colour resemblance to the Kuwaiti flag.
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17 May, 2020
The sneakers featured a colour combination of black, red, white and green. [Twitter composite]
Egyptian actor Mostafa Khater publicly apologised to Kuwaitis after the sneakers he wore on set sparked outrage in the Gulf state

Khater is starring as the protagonist in the Egyptian TV show Omar and Diab, which is airing this Ramadan. He was reportedly offered EGP 3 million (around $190,700) to play the role of Diab.

A video exerpt of one of the episodes went viral, showing Khater donning athletic sneakers in the color combination of red, green, white and black with yellow laces.

Angered Kuwaitis said they were offended to see their 'flag' on a shoe worn by the actor. Some attacked Khater on social media, using an arabic-language hashtag.
"This should not have passed. I call on the Foreign ministry to intervene," one Kuwaiti nationalist said.

"How low of you. The Kuwaiti flag should be a crown on your head," another Kuwait-based twitter user said.

Others defended the actor saying the color combination resembled the flag by mere coincidence. 

"Are you calling for a ban on green and white colors in clothing?" one person remarked sarcastically.

On Friday, Khater posted an apology video on Twitter and Instagram, where he has 7 million followers.

"By God, people, it was completely unintentional. I woke up and found the world upside down … All the love and respect to Kuwait and the brotherly people of Kuwait," the actor said in the caption. 

In the one minute clip, Khater said he was the target of a widescale attack from the people of Kuwait, who claimed he wore the Kuwaiti flag on his feet. 

"It did cross my mind at all... There is a stylist who dressed me. And I swear it was not her intention either," Khater added. "I apologise from you all".

The flags of the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and other countries use the same colour combination.
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