Too raunchy for Ramadan: Egypt pulls underwear ad over 'indecent' content

Too raunchy for Ramadan: Egypt pulls underwear ad over 'indecent' content
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27 April, 2020
A Ramadan TV advert was pulled after just two days due to complaints over its 'indecent' content.
The Cottonil ad featured Jordanian actress Mais Hamdan [YouTube]
Egyptian underwear brand Cottonil has pulled a recent television commercial after complaints that it was inappropriate.

Social media users and MPs were among those who denounced the ad, which features Jordanian actress and singer Mais Hamdan.

“In order to stop the controversy and satisfy the viewers in Egypt, we have decided to indefinitely stop the broadcasting of the advertisement on all Egyptian satellite channels,” Cottonil said in a statement.

Earlier on Sunday, the country's Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) announced that it had suspended the advert as it “carries clear violation of personal dignity and social customs and traditions.”

The CPA added that Cottonil representatives were summoned early on Sunday to be notified of the decision.

The ad depicts Hamdan watching her male neighbour through a pair of binoculars while singing about his "muscles, strength and masculinity.”

The neighbour, meanwhile, is shown flexing his muscles while lifting weights and carrying out physical labour.

Hamdan then goes on to sing about the man's undershirts and boxers, which caused the public backlash. 

The ad was pulled from television after just two days, while a post featuring it on Cottonil's Facebook page received more than 5,400 ‘angry’ reactions out of a total 7,800 reactions.

A briefing request was also filed to Egypt's prime minister and information minister by lawmakers John Talaat and Mai Mahmoud who slammed the advert as a crime of “public indecency,” local media reported.

In a statement, Cottonil stressed that it respects Egyptian traditions and pledged to produce content  “appropriate for the authentic Egyptian society.”

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