Egypt probing Cairo hospital as mother alleges medical negligence

Egypt probing Cairo hospital as mother alleges medical negligence
Dr. Samar Al-Amraiti said her son was deprived of a much-needed brain scan at a hospital in Cairo because a doctor locked the door containing the EEG machine - then went on holiday for Eid.
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05 May, 2022
A spokesperson for the Egyptian health ministry said Al-Amiriti's case was being investigated [AFP via Getty-file photo]

Egypt's health ministry is investigating medical negligence at one of the country's most famous hospitals after a mother alleged her son was deprived of a much-needed brain scan, Arabi 21 reported.

In a video widely shared on social media, Samar Al-Amriti - herself a doctor - said she had paid 30,000 Egyptian pounds (US$1,623) for a brain scan for her 26-year-old son at the Al-Salam International Hospital in Cairo.

Al-Amriti said she was told by nursing staff that the scan could not take place because the specialist doctor had gone away for an Eid holiday - and that they had taken the key for the locked room containing the EEG machine with them.

The hospital denied Al-Amriti's account of events in a statement released on Wednesday, Arabi 21 reported, saying that the hospital had enough expert staff and equipment to treat her son.

He was seen by consultants, promptly diagnosed, and admitted to a ward for care, then released once he was well enough, the hospital said.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, an official spokesperson for the Egyptian health ministry, said the matter was being investigated, according to Arabi 21.

Egyptian lawyer Hani Sameh said he had submitted an urgent complaint against the hospital to the health ministry following the incident.

He said patients were having to pay "exorbitant prices" for care, Arabi 21 reported.

He asked that prices at private hospitals be set by the health ministry, so that patients are not caught short.

Difficult economic conditions have left many Egyptians unable to over basics, including adequate healthcare.