Egypt Muslim Brotherhood nine 'arrested' before being killed

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood nine 'arrested' before being killed
New evidence has come to light suggesting that police arrested nine Muslim Brotherhood members in Cairo on Wednesday before killing them in "cold blood".
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02 July, 2015
The police have been accused of arresting the Brotherhood lawyers before killing them [Getty]


Images that allegedly show the nine Brotherhood members killed in a police raid have been shared widely on social media, showing ink marks on the tips of their fingers, an indication that police had arrested them and taken their fingerprints before killing them.

Egyptian police also released three images – two of bloody dead bodies of the men next to rifles and one of the alleged apartment building in Cairo in which the men were found.

Alaa Nasser al-Hafi, the daughter of one killed Brotherhood members, has said she learned from phone call on Wednesday that her father was arrested at 11am.

She later saw news on television that her father, who she had not seen since the Rabaa massacre, had been killed.   

Brotherhood spokesman Mohammad Montaser, released a statement that said the lawyers were “executed”.

“The leaders that were executed in the flat were in a meeting discussing orphans of the martyrs,” he said. “They were unarmed, and talk about them clashing with the security is a lie.”


"They were unarmed, and talk about them clashing with the security is a lie"

Mohammad Montaser

In contrast police, have released a statement on Facebook that the group were plotting to carry out “terrorist attacks” to coincide with the anniversary of the June 30 mass protests that lead to the 2013 military coup.

The statement from the Interior Ministry said the Brotherhood members were killed in an exchange of gun fire when police stormed the flat. Weapons, ammunition and documents were found in the flat, according to the statement.

According to the banned group, the nine gunned down men were a legal team helping detained Brotherhood supporters and the families of people killed in the harsh government crackdown on that has left hundreds dead and thousands behind bars.

Relatives of the killed men have told the media, police arrested the men Wednesday morning before “killing them in cold blood”. They added that the images released show no signs that a gunfight had taken place.

The nine men were killed in a police raid on a flat in the Cairo suburb of 6th of October city on Wednesday, among the dead were lawyer and former parliamentarian Nasser al-Hafi and committee leader Abd al-Fattah Ibrahim.

The Brotherhood has urged supporters to 'come out in rebellion' against the regime following the killing.

"Come out in rebellion and in defence of your country, yourselves and your children," it said in a statement issued in English Wednesday. "Destroy the citadels of his oppression and tyranny and reclaim Egypt once more."

The attack is widley thought to be a response to Monday's deadly car bombing killed Egypt’s attorney general Hisham Barakat, which has been pinned on the Brotherhood.

Wednesday also saw the 'worst ever' attack in Egypt's Sinai with reports of at least 80 people being killed when militants staged simultaneous attacks, including a suicide car bombing, on army checkpoints in Northern Sinai.