Egypt arrests seven for turning Cairo school into 'brothel'

Egypt arrests seven for turning Cairo school into 'brothel'
Seven people were arrested as part of an investigation into a school that allegedly hosted sex parties in Egypt's capital, local media reported.
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26 January, 2021
Police are investigating the alleged incident in Cairo [Getty]
Authorities in Egypt launched a probe into a Cairo school that was allegedly converted into a brothel, local news reported.

At least seven people, including the guard at the Cairo school, were charged as part of the investigation, which allegedly took place after class hours and is thought to involve a few members of staff.

The director of the school accused the guard of facilitating the six-month prostitution operation, prompting authorities to investigate. 

The custodian of the school, a cleaner, a driver and the head of nursing at a local mental health hospital were among those charged by the public prosecution for allegedly organising "sex parties" at the school premises, Almasry Alyoum reported.

In April, similar action was taken against a gym where 16 people were arrested for taking part in an orgy.

The gym in Cairo's Nozha was initially investigated for defying nationwide lockdown orders calling on all non-essential businesses to close. 

The police were "in shock" to find an orgy taking place instead of regular fitness activities, the report said.

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Ten women and six men were arrested for taking part in group sex inside the centre, which was charging attendees 4,000 Egyptian pounds (around $250) – coinciding with the amount individuals are fined for breaching the lockdown – for access to the orgy and a massage.

The illegal event was promoted on social networking sites, including Facebook, authorities said.

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