Egypt adds 350 over names to 'terror' blacklist

Egypt adds 350 over names to 'terror' blacklist
Cairo has continued its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood by proscribing key members of the outlawed Egyptian-wing on a 'terror' watchlist.
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31 August, 2017
Egypt added around 1,500 names to the terror blacklist earlier this year [AFP]

Egypt has added the names of over 350 people, including prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures, to its terrorism blacklist.

The individuals named in the new announcement this week will be banned from travel and could potentially have their assets frozen.

Among those named on the list is Muslim Brotherhood financier Hassan Malik.

The designated individuals have been given 60 days to appeal the decision.

Since the overthrow of Egypt's first democratically-elected president, Mohamad Morsi, in 2013, authorities have led a sweeping crackdown on the now-banned Brotherhood group.

Earlier this year, Egypt added around 1,500 people to the terror blacklist, including former president Morsi and retired Egyptian football star Mohammed Aboutrika.

Cairo's crackdown on the Brotherhood has seen Egypt detain thousands of suspected terrorists and implement mass trials where members and supporters of the movement have been sentenced to death and granted hefty sentences.

The crackdown has drawn sustained condemnation from international human rights groups, which recently pressured the United States to withdraw significant aid contributions due to alleged abuses.