Earthquake rocks southern Iranian province

Earthquake rocks southern Iranian province
A 5.2 magnitude earthquake jolted the Iranian the town of Sisakht on Wednesday.
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No casualties were reported in the earthquake [AFP]

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake has jolted a remote, mountainous region in Iran's southern region, Iran's state TV has reported. 

It says the temblor rocked the town of Sisakht, some 700 kilometers (430 miles) south of Tehran, on Wednesday. The town has a population of 10,000.

There has been no immediate word on casualties or damage.

Iran is prone to near-daily earthquakes as it sits on major fault lines. In November, a 7.2-magnitude quake hit western Iran, killing more than 600.

The tragic natural disaster happened in the Kurdish town of Sarpol-e-Zahab in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

Both rescuers and local residents alike stood atop the remains of apartment complexes, looking through the rubble. They used heavy blankets to carry away corpses.

The hospital in Sarpol-e-Zahab was heavily damaged, and the army set up field hospitals, although many of the injured were moved to other cities, including Tehran.

The quake also damaged an army garrison and buildings in the border city and killed an unspecified number of soldiers.

“This was a pain for all Iranians,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a statement found on the presidency’s website. 

“Representing the nation of Iran, I offer my condolences to the people of Kermanshah, and tell them that all of us are behind Kermanshah.”

In 2003, a 6.6 magnitude quake flattened the historic city of Bam, killing 26,000 people.