Drunken 'Muslim gang' jailed for Liverpool street attacks

Drunken 'Muslim gang' jailed for Liverpool street attacks
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28 July, 2017
Liverpool Crown Court has sentenced three young men for attacks on white 'non-Muslims' to jail following assaults that took place March last year.
The trio were apprehended by a local Muslim man who saw the attacks [Merseyside Police]

Three British men have been jailed for going on a drunken rampage in the England's north-western city of Liverpool, during which they filmed themselves attacking white "non-Muslims".

Amin Mohmed, 24, and Mohammed Patel, 20, attacked victim Gary Bohanna after he was questioned by the gang about his religion, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

They reportedly shouted "Why aren't you Muslim?" at Bohanna before punching him in the face.

Faruq Patel, 19, later filmed Mohmed punching St. Helens Councillor Paul Lynch, causing the local politician to fall to the ground as his girlfriend tried to protect him.

Judge Recorder Louise Brandon described the attacks as a "disgraceful and sustained campaign of violence carried out on the streets of this city".

The gang's rampage was stopped by local resident Edris Nosrati, himself a Muslim, who saw the trio beating a man at around 3:30am.

Nosrati said he intervened after hearing one of the gang using "racist language".

After approaching the group, Nosrati was himself questioned about his religion and was told "you can go" after he said he was Muslim.

The houses of the three attackers were raided by UK counter-terrorism police after the rampage took place in March last year.

Mohmed, who was jailed for 42 weeks, initially denied the assaults and suggested that he and his friends had been racially abused by the other men.

Mohammed Patel and Faruq Patel were both sentenced to serve time in a young offernders' institution, receiving 42 and 18 weeks respectively.