Dozens of Palestinians detained in overnight Israeli raids

Dozens of Palestinians detained in overnight Israeli raids
Palestinian Prisoners Club spokesperson Amany Al-Sarahneh told The New Arab's Arabic-language sister service a child was among the arrested.
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01 June, 2021
A total of 37 Palestinians have been detained [NurPhoto/Getty]

Dozens of Palestinians across the occupied territories and Israel have been arrested by Israeli police and military in overnight raids on Monday.

A total of 37 people were detained, according to The New Arab's Arabic-language sister service.

Palestinian Prisoners Club spokesperson Amany Al-Sarahneh told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that a child was among those detained and that seven of those initially held were later released.

Among the detained were 28 across Kafr Kanna in the Jewish state's north, and Tayibe, a Palestinian city in Israel bordering the West Bank, The New Arab's Arab 48 affiliate reported.

The Arabic-language outlet said Kafr Kanna saw Israeli special forces launch search raids of residences and then detain 17 Palestinians.

Kafr Kanna was targeted at 3am and a helicopter was used in the operation, witnesses said.

This follows a similar operation on Monday.

Photos reportedly indicate that some of those arrested on Tuesday were assaulted.

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News of the latest Israeli operation follows the Arab Emergency Committee's revelation that the number of arrests of Palestinian citizens of Israel has gone above 1,700.

A hundred Palestinians have been detained a day on average since the Israelis began their efforts, the group added.

The occupied West Bank has also witnessed arrests, according to Arabi21.

Several arrests and releases were made in the Ramallah area, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club, although an arrested child is still in custody.

Amid one man's detention in the city, Tulkarm saw Israeli authorities launch tear gas and shoot at Palestinians protesting.

Former Palestinian prisoners of Israel were taken from two separate areas near Jenin, and one close to Ramallah, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed said.

Moreover, Qatanna in the Jerusalem Governorate also saw an arrest.

In the occupied city itself, the police presence in Sheikh Jarrah continues, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported.

The road towards the area was closed, while one woman was allegedly taken in by Israeli authorities for wearing a niqab.

Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem: A history of dispossession
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East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood is currently facing Israeli attempts to expel Palestinians living there in favour of Israeli settlers.

The move has been widely condemned by rights organisations, with the United Nations saying Israeli conduct there could reach the threshold for "war crimes".