Dozens of Palestinian citizens of Israel detained following widespread protests

Dozens of Palestinian citizens of Israel detained following widespread protests
Thousands of Palestinians in Israel took part in protests supporting East Jerusalem on Monday night.
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11 May, 2021
Palestinian citizens protested all over Israel on Monday night [Getty-file photo]
Dozens of Palestinian citizens of Israel have been arrested  after taking part in protests on Monday evening against Israeli violence at Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh JarrahArab48 has reported.

Thousands took part in protests across Israel with demonstrations seen in Jaffa, Shaqib Al-Salaam, Nazareth and Kafr Kanna.

Over 100 people were arrested by Israeli police who used rubber bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades against the protesters, Arab48 reported.

As many as 31 were detained in the Negev, of which 10 were for "coming to inflict harm on the police station".

Five were arrested in Tel Al-Sabi, alleged to have "attacked a police station in the village".

In other areas, more Palestinians were detained after purportedly "throwing stones" at police.

Streets were shut down in the areas affected by protests.

Arab48 also reported Nazareth Magistrate's Court released six children on Tuesday, as trials commenced for those detained.

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Nevertheless, it ruled three more children would be held for another day and is considering whether to continue holding 46 others, of which nine are underage.

Ahmed Darawsheh, 19, is to be held until Wednesday, accused of arson against a police headquarters, which his lawyer, Basel Darawsheh, described as "inflating the matter".

Israel incarcerates thousands of Palestinians
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In Haifa, Nourhan Hajj was freed after she was detained on Monday night during protests in the city's German Colony area.

This comes after Adalah on Monday demanded the Police Investigation Unit launches an inquiry into violence by authorities against protesters in the city on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Lod, Moussa Hassouna, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was fatally shot.

The Ynet Israeli news website said the death was "a suspected hate crime", adding that a Jewish man, 34, has been arrested.

It explained that another Palestinian man, 20, was "moderately wounded" and rushed to the Sheba Medical Center, a facility close to Tel Aviv.

Haaretz reported that a second suspect was arrested.

Arab48 also said a second suspect had been detained, giving his age as 42.

The Arabic-language outlet added that a different shooting left two more hurt, with Israeli authorities looking into any possible association with the Hassouna killing.

It also reported Sami Abu Shehadeh, Balad Party leader and Joint List Knesset member, said the relatives of the dead and injured were not permitted to go inside the hospital.

He added that tear gas was also used there.

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