Dozens killed in attacks as Taliban advance across Afghanistan

Dozens killed in attacks as Taliban advance across Afghanistan
A series of Taliban attacks left dozens of Afghan government soldiers dead and wounded, as the insurgents overran a number of districts.
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07 June, 2021
The Taliban attacked government forces and overran districts across Afghanistan [Getty]

Dozens of Afghan soldiers were killed and wounded on Monday in a series of attacks, as the Taliban announced that they had taken over two more districts in  war-ravaged Afghanistan.

Sources from the Afghan defence ministry told The New Arab’s sister site that the Chora military centre in the southern Uruzgan province was targeted by the insurgents, killing 10 soldiers including an officer.

The source added that more than 10 other soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack in the same district a day earlier. He said that an additional 45 security personnel were missing and their fate was unknown.

The Taliban also claimed responsibility for another attack on a security centre in Hesarak in the eastern province of Nangarhar, killing a further 10 soldiers.

In addition, the militants took over the Shahrak district in the western province of Ghor province country, as well as the Gizab district in Uruzgan province.

Afghan defence ministry spokesman Ruhollah Ahmadzai confirmed in a press statement that government forces had indeed withdrawn from both areas, saying that this was a "tactical retreat".

In the capital Kabul, three people- including two security personnel- were also killed in an attack on Monday morning. It wasn’t clear if the Taliban were also behind the assault.

Monday’s deadly attacks came hours after the insurgents took over more territory across the country.

The group has recently been making huge gains ahead of a planned US troop withdrawal this year.