Dozens killed in new Taliban attacks on Afghan security forces

Dozens killed in new Taliban attacks on Afghan security forces
Monday witnessed another bloody day in Afghanistan with Taliban militants launching new two attacks on government forces.
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10 September, 2018
Afghanistan has witnessed a series of deadly attacks in recent days [AFP]
At least 52 Afghan security forces have been killed, as well as dozens of militants, following a series of Taliban attacks across northern Afghanistan.

Fierce battles raged across the country on Monday and Sunday night, in what appeared to be coordinated assaults on checkpoints and military headquarters by the Taliban, according to agencies.

At least 50 Taliban militants were killed in clashes with government forces, which took place mostly in the country's north.

Taliban attacked a security checkpoint in Kunduz province, killing at least 13 police officers and injuring 15 others.

In Jawzjan province, coordinated Taliban attacks on Khamyab district forced Afghan security forces to withdraw from the area, with eight officers and eight Taliban killed in the fighting.

"There was intense fighting and we didn't want civilian houses destroyed, or any civilian casualties," said Provincial Police Chief Gen. Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani. 

Samangan in Dara Sut province also witnessed intense clashes with 14 pro-government militia fighters and police killed in an assault, believed to have been carried out by the Taliban.

Perhaps most alarming for Kabul was a Taliban offensive on Sar-e-Pul, which saw the militants seize a military base and could lead to the fall of the entire province.

"The fighting is still ongoing near the city and the central government is going to send more reinforcements soon," Zahir Wahdat told reporters, warning Sar-e-Pul could meet a similar fate to Ghazni, which was controlled by the Taliban for several days.

Seventeen government troops and 39 Taliban were killed in the latest battle, with clashes ongoing.

Taliban militants have intensified their attacks on Afghan government forces this year, with the capital Kabul a regular scene of shootings and bombings.

The Afghan government has sought a new ceasefire with the Taliban, following a largely successful truce during the Eid al-Fitr festival in June.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State group have also targeted civilians - particularly Shia Muslims - and have also been in conflict with the Taliban.

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