DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson visit Mecca for Umrah pilgrimage

DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson visit Mecca for Umrah pilgrimage
DJ Khaled shared a teary-eyed video of himself and former boxer Mike Tyson praying at the Grand Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
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12 December, 2022
Mike Tyson [L] and DJ Khaled [C] visited Mecca for the Umrah pilgrimage [Getty]

DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson visited the Muslim holy city of Mecca last week to perform the Umrah pilgrimage.

Khaled, a Palestinian-American music producer, shared footage of himself and the six-time heavyweight champion on their journey to Mecca on his Instagram page on Friday.

"The second I walked in Mecca tears came down my eyes [.] Tears of joy [.] my whole life I wanted to go to MECCA [.] TO PRAY[.] AND TO GIVE MY GRATITUDE TO ALLAH [.] I prayed for the world for more love more life more more peace more joy more happiness more health and protection for all of us ! GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!!!" Khaled said in the post's caption.

His video showed himself and Tyson praying in front of the Kaaba - the black stricture at the centre of the Grand Mosque of Mecca. Khaled is seen shedding tears in the video while praying and making the ritual rounds around the Kaaba.

"It so beautiful we all ONE LOVE here [.] GOD DID !!!!!!! Bless up my brother @miketyson," he added, tagging Tyson in the post.


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For DJ Khaled, who has 31.9 million followers on Instagram, the posts were his first from the Muslim holy city. Khaled is known for producing numerous hip-hop chart toppers, as well as coining comical catchphrases which often invoke god, including "God did".

Tyson, 56, converted to Islam in the early nineties and has been seen performing the Umrah pilgrimage before.

Umrah is considered a voluntary pilgrimage for Muslims which can take place all year round, while the Hajj takes place once a year and is considered an obligation that must be completed at least once in a Muslim's life if they are able to do so.

The pair's visit to Saudi Arabia comes weeks after Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was also pictured at Mecca's Grand Mosque.

In a separate post by Khaled last week, he was seen with hip-hop artist Busta Rhymes in Jeddah, ahead of Rhymes' headlining of the Balad Beast music festival in the city.