Death toll from Mosul ferry disaster rises above 100

Death toll from Mosul ferry disaster rises above 100
Over 100 people have died when a ferry capsized in northern Iraq.
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22 March, 2019
Iraq's Mosul is in mourning [Getty]
Over 100 people have now been declared dead following a ferry disaster in northern Iraq on Thursday.

The packed boat was crossing the River Tigris near Mosul during Persian New Year and Mother's Day celebrations, when it went down killing scores of people - mostly women and children.

Iraq's interior ministry said on Friday the death toll was over 100, as anger builds with families saying corruption contributed to the deaths.

Protesters surrounded the vehicle of President Barham Saleh came to Mosul as search teams searched the river following the ferry disaster.

Many said the disaster could have been avoided, and chanted "corruption is killing us!"

"We want those responsible to be brought to justice," said Mohammed Adel, 27, whose father was among those who died.

Another accused the owners of a picnic site the families were heading to of being "criminals... I want them to pay up and I won't leave here until they do", one 50-year Iraqi said, according to AFP.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi ordered an investigation and briefly visited Mosul, where he declared three days of national mourning.

Mosul's Civil Defence Authority Husam Khalil said that the boat was over capacity when it capsized - carrying 250 people when it should have normally been carrying only 50.

Iraqi judicial authorities ordered the arrest of nine workers operating the ferry. The men were detained and an arrest warrant is out for the owner of the tourist island where it was headed