Day of bloodshed follows IS counter-attack in Iraq's Kirkuk

Day of bloodshed follows IS counter-attack in Iraq's Kirkuk
US coalition jets bombed a Shia shrine south of Kirkuk, killing 15 women, while an Iraqi journalist has been shot dead by IS sniper fire.
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21 October, 2016
Dozens have been killed following a brazen IS counter-attack in Kirkuk
Fierce fighting has claimed more lives in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk after Islamic State militants launched a bloody counter-attack on Friday morning.

US-led coalition jets also bombed a shrine in Dakuk, just south of the Kurdish-controlled city.

"Fifteen women were killed and another 50 wounded in a raid that targeted a Shia place of worship at Dakuk," local official Amir Huda Karam told AFP, a toll confirmed by medical officials.

An Iraqi journalist inside the city has been also shot dead by IS sniper fire, his channel confirmed.

Turkmeneli TV reporter Ahmed Hajr Oglo, 30, was hit by a sniper bullet to the chest and died of his wounds, a colonel in the Kirkuk police told AFP.

The attacks come after IS militants stormed Kirkuk in surprise counter-offensive early on Friday, as Iraqi forces advance on the militants' Mosul stronghold.

At least seven suicide bombers detonated their vests in government buildings and at a power plant, killing 16 people.

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After five days of intense clashes between Iraqi forces and Islamic State group militants in and around Mosul, IS positions have been destroyed, villages 'liberated' and arms seized by government forces in the following areas, according to our local correspondent.

Baz Khurra, Baz Kartan, Tarjla, Kaberli, Kharab Sultan, Sheikh Amir, Shaqouli, Badnat al-Kubra,  Badnat al-Sughra, Al-Sirte, Muhandes al-Nasser, Al-Sa’yawiya, Al-Zawiya, Wadi al-Saff, Wadi al-Faj, Jadeed al-Gharbiya, Al-Najma al-Safla wal-Uliya, Kubr Nayef, Al-Nasiya, Sayed Hassan, Al-Bejwaniya al-Uliya wal-Safla, Beshmana, Al-Serj, Al-Hud, Qariyat al-Muhandes, Al-Lazaka, Al-Zawiya, Al-Khalidiya, Ayn Marmiya, Al-Bejwaniya al-Thaltha, Al-Daraj, Al-Bikr al-Oula, Al-Bikr al-Thaniya, Al-Rafla, Bartala, Al-Shweirat, Maftel, Tulool al-Nasser, Om al-Manasees, Tel-Al-Shouk, Rafila, Al-Selahiya, Saydawa, Al-Heej, Al-Makouk, Al-Dweizat, Al-Khabata, Al-Mashraq, Al-Safina, Na’naa

Islamic State group losses

- 473 Islamic State group militants killed or injured, 22 captured

- 95 wheel bombs destroyed

- 21 detachment mortars destroyed

- Seven explosive belts destroyed

- Large arms storage destroyed

- Four explosive-laden houses destroyed

- 352 controlled explosions

- Five suspect motorcycles detonated

- Three tunnels destroyed

- 1.5 tons of ammonium nitrate seized

- 380 120mm mortar rounds seized

- 61 Katyusha rockets seized

- 31 missile launchers seized

- Dozens of machine guns and small arms seized