Cyprus detains Turkish-Kurd wanted on terror charges

Cyprus detains Turkish-Kurd wanted on terror charges
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24 March, 2019
Germany wants the suspect on terror charges.
The Turkish-Kurd is being held in Cyprus [Getty]

Cyprus has arrested a Turkish Kurd who is wanted by Germany for "terrorist activities", the country's government spokesperson said on Saturday.

Prodromos Prodromou confirmed that the detained individual had been recognised by Cyprus as a political refugee and had been granted Cypriot travel documents.

"The person was taken yesterday [Friday] to court and detained until the trial," he said, according to CyprusMail.

"On the basis of current legislation, the situation will be handled by the Cypriot justice system, which must decide whether to execute the European warrant within a period of sixty days."

He said the person was detained due to a European arrest warrant.

Prodromou said a court on Saturday ordered the suspect detained, whose identity was not released, will remain in custody until a court rules whether to extradite him to Germany within 60 days of his arrest.