US academic Cornel West: Biden is an enabler of war crimes in Gaza

US academic Cornel West: Biden is an enabler of war crimes in Gaza
In an interview with The New Arab, the American activist calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and the end of Israeli occupation.
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06 March, 2024
Political activist Cornel West speaks during 'Pilgrimage for Peace' rally in Lafayette Park outside the White House in February 2024 [Getty]

US activist, academic and presidential candidate Cornel West has accused President Joe Biden of enabling war crimes against Palestinians in Israel’s assault on Gaza

In an interview with The New Arab on Tuesday, West denounced the role of the US in the five-month war on Gaza.

The US’s stance on Gaza has softened recently, with it calling for an immediate ceasefire for six months and the release of all hostages, following its submission of a draft resolution to the UN Security Council on Tuesday. 

However, the US vetoed three draft council resolutions - two of which would have demanded an immediate ceasefire - since the start of the war. 

"My message to Biden is that he ought to be shamed to enable war crimes against precious Palestinian people," West told The New Arab

"And someone like myself, coming from an African American background, we know what it’s like to be criminalised. We know what it's like to be attacked and terrorised and traumatised. 

"So I stand in deep solidarity with my Palestinian brothers and sisters."

West also stressed the need for a permanent ceasefire "right away" and the end of the Israeli occupation and siege on Gaza, as well as a guarantee of Palestinian statehood. 

"They got to have a state where there’s Palestinian dignity and Palestinian equality alongside with Jewish security and Jewish safety. You've got to have a state that protects everyone equally," he added.

In October 2023, West announced his bid for the upcoming US presidential election and said he would campaign under the banner of his newly formed party, the Justice for All Party.  

"We are proud to already be on the ballot in the great states of Alaska and Oregon," West told news publication Inside Climate News.  

"We’re on the move with a 50-state strategy, establishing the Justice for All Party as a platform to gain access to the ballot in those states where it’s easier to gain access as a party, as opposed to independent."