Corbyn 'plans Iraq visit to cement his anti-imperialist legacy': report

Corbyn 'plans Iraq visit to cement his anti-imperialist legacy': report
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is allegedly planning to visit Iraq in a bid to cement his anti-imperialist legacy before stepping down as Labour leader, according to a leaked report.
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26 January, 2020
Jeremy Corbyn is trying to cement his legacy [Getty]
United Kingdom's Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has drafted plans to visit Iraq to stamp his "socialist" and "anti-imperialist" legacy prior to stepping down from his position, The Sunday Times has revealed.

A leaked strategy document, entitled "Jeremy's Forward Look Engagement Strategy" was obtained by the national newspaper, which revealed that Corbyn has drafted plans for a symbolic visit to Baghdad to promote anti-imperialist values and to stamp out "Blairite" politics within the divided party.

The Iraq war was seen as a contentious issue inside the Labour party during former prime minister Tony Blair's leadership and is now seen as one of his worst foreign policy decisions.

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According to the document, Corbyn is looking to meet officials in Baghdad's Green Zone, the enclave that hosted British forces during the invasion of Iraq, saying he will seek to promote "stopping war" in his final weeks in office. 

During his election campaign, Middle East policy was high on Corbyn's agenda. He consistently reiterated his anti-interventionist stance throughout his campaign.

Early in December, Corbyn drew particular attention among the British public and press in a speech that claimed that the Iraq war and other British military interventions abroad had incubated extremist violence.

"Sixteen years ago, I warned against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. I said it would set off a spiral of conflict, hate, misery, desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism and the misery of future generations," he said.

"It did, and we are still living with the consequences today."

The comments came two days after two people were killed in a stabbing attack in central London claimed by the Islamic State group.

Labour declined to respond to the leaks. A source close to Corbyn said the plans were suggestions rather than agreed events.

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