Two men arrested in Jordan after failed robbery at 'toy gun-point'

Two men arrested in Jordan after failed robbery at 'toy gun-point'
Two men were arrested in Jordan for an attempted robbery using a plastic gun.
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04 February, 2023
A toy gun was found in the men's possession [Getty/file photo]

Two men attempted to rob an exchange shop in Jordan on Saturday with a toy gun, before setting fire to the place and escaping.

Camera footage shared on social media purportedly shows the robbers with their faces covered in an exchange shop in the Zarqa governorate, demanding the workers to hand over money. They attempt to flee, before setting fire to a chair and falling at the entrance before making their way out.

Another video shared on social media reportedly of the robbers shows them getting into a yellow vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Nobody was reported to have been hurt.

A police spokesman said the two were found and arrested shortly after receiving reports of the attempted robbery, and their car seized.

The plastic gun was also found in their possession.

The two reportedly confessed to planning the gunpoint robbery but failed to do so and fled.

No further information was given and the motive behind it remained unclear.

The incident received humorous reactions on social media, as Jordanians claimed it to be "one of the worst robbery attempts ever pulled."