Clinton maintains slight edge on eve of decision day

Clinton maintains slight edge on eve of decision day
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stage rallies in battleground states to shore up last-minute support.
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07 November, 2016
A US 2016 election ballot paper [AFP]

With just a day to go until the United States elects its new president, Democrat Hillary Clinton has maintained a lead of as much as 6 percent over her Republican rival Donald Trump.

According to the last week of polling conducted by NBC News/ Survey Monkey between October 31 and November 6, the Democratic presidential nominee Clinton is ahead with 47 percent to Trump's 41 percent.

Another final tracking poll on Monday by the Washington Post/ABC News closed the gap slightly at 47 percent to 43 percent in Clinton's favour.

With most polls putting the former Secretary of State ahead, any path for Donald Trump to the Oval Office will be a hard fought one.

Both candidates have been blazing a final campaign trail across the country, with particular focus on battleground states that could decide the election.

Monday saw Clinton hold rallies in Pensylvania, Michigan and North Carolina. Trump, meanwhile, focussed his energies on Florida, North Carolina, Pensylvania and New Hampshire.

With many now anticipating the end to a bitter election battle, Mr. Trump's campaign also seemed to allay fears that it would cause a constitutional crisis by not acceptring the final result if he were to lose.

The property tycoon's running mate, Governor Mike Pence, said on Sunday that the Trump campaign would accept a clear result, however would reserve the right to a legal challenge.