Cleric Qaradawi reveals plan to end Egyptian Brotherhood's 'crisis'

Cleric Qaradawi reveals plan to end Egyptian Brotherhood's 'crisis'
Islamic theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi has revealed his plan on how to revitalise the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, after being subjected to a brutal crackdown from authorities.
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27 January, 2016
Qaradawi is considered to be the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood [Getty]
Prominent Qatar-based Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi has laid out his plan to resolve the problems facing Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

Qaradawi, who is considered to be the spiritual leader of the group, said on Tuesday that the Islamist political and social movement must end infighting and its members unite.

The Egyptian government blacklisted the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation and launched a harsh crackdown on its supporters and leaders, after the ousting of president and Brotherhood member Mohammad Morsi in July 2013.

"I call on all my sons and brothers who are Brotherhood leaders to cooperate with each other within the group's existing institutions and have patience with one another," the Egyptian-born cleric posted on Facebook.

"Stop quarrelling in the media and issuing statements that stir up emotions and deepen the divide," he advised.

"We must stick together, unite our words, work towards achieving the group's goals and mending the rift between group members," Qaradawi added.

The 89-year-old said the Brotherhood should remain committed to the "peaceful revolutionary path" and recommended that group told elections to "strengthen confidence and rally support for leaders".

On Monday, Qaradawi said in a speech for the fifth anniversary of the January 25 uprising that President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi was a "hypocrite" and a "liar" and called on Egyptian to "rise up against his oppression".

Since Morsi's overthrow, the military government have launched a brutal crackdown against his supporters, leaving hundreds dead and thousands jailed after often speedy mass trials.

Morsi himself is facing several trials and has already been sentenced to death in one case. The Brotherhood has been outlawed as a "terrorist organisation".

Even Qaradawi himself has been sentenced to death in Egypt in a case relating to a mass jail break in 2011.