Clashes with police as Israelis protest against occupation in Haifa

Clashes with police as Israelis protest against occupation in Haifa
Hundreds protested in Haifa on Monday evening against recent Israeli violence in the occupied West Bank.
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The demonstration came following the Israeli raids in Huwara in the occupied West Bank [Getty]

Hundreds of Israelis protested on Monday evening against recent Israeli attacks in the West Bankscuffling with police and attempting to block traffic in Haifa.

Uri Weltmann from Standing Together, the group that initiated the protest, said people came out to call for an "advance towards an Israeli-Palestinian peace."

Haifa, with a large Palestinian population, often witnesses solidarity protests with Palestinians.


Israel has a vocal minority of activists who support ending the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and peace with the Palestinians.

However, recent surveys and election results have shown that most Israelis are in favour of continuing some form of occupation and the preservation of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

On Sunday, Israeli settlers rampaged through the Palestinian village of Huwara in an unprecedented surge of violence as the Israeli military looked on.

Israeli occupation troops deployed in force in the West Bank  after two brothers from a settlement were shot dead on Sunday 26 February, triggering the rampage by settlers in which a Palestinian was killed, scores were hurt and dozens of cars and homes were torched.

With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and Jewish Passover festival weeks away, foreign mediators have sought to tamp down tensions that surged after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regained power at the head of a far-right coalition, which includes extremists such as National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

Sixty-three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in 2023.