Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead at home

Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead at home
Police are investigating the death of Ambassador Du Wei, who was appointed to the post in February.
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17 May, 2020
Du was appointed ambassador in February [Chinese embassy in Israel]
China's ambassador to Israel was found dead in his home on Sunday just three months after his appointment to the country, Israel's foreign ministry said.

Police have launched an investigation into the death of Du Wei, 58, after he was found dead in his bed, Haaretz reported.

Intial reports indicate the diplomat was found dead by staff in his residence in Herzilya, with no signs of violence found on his body. The cause of death appears to have been a cardiac incident during his sleep, Haaretz quoted the Magen David Adom first aid service as saying.

Du arrived in Israel in mid-February after being appointed ambassador, and spent 14 days in self-isolation at the diplomatic residence due to the coronavirus pandemic. He officially received his diplomatic credentials in March.

He had previously served as China's ambassador to Ukraine. 

On Friday, the Chinese embassy hit back at claims by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Beijing had covered up the Covid-19 outbreak.

On a trip to Israel earlier his week, Pompeo had also cautioned the government against accepting further Chinese investment in the country. Such investments, particularly in the area of infrastructure, could pose a security risk, he said.

The Chinese embassy described the secretary of state's comments as "absurd" and as part of US efforts to "demonise China". 

"Historical experience also shows that [a] pandemic is accompanied by conspiracies and the dark mentality of seeking scapegoats. Jewish friends know it well," the embassy said in a statement published on its website.

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