China will work 'to restore peace' in Palestinian territories as Israel war, occupation persist

China will work 'to restore peace' in Palestinian territories as Israel war, occupation persist
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06 November, 2023
China said it will fulfil its upcoming role as president of the UN Security Council by trying to 'restore peace' to the Palestinian territories, which have been ravaged by Israeli war and occupation for decades.
China's permanent representative at the UN, Zhang Jun, said the Israel-Gaza war tops the UNSC agenda this month [Getty]

China will do its utmost to restore peace in the Palestinian territories as it takes over the presidency of the UN Security Council (UNSC), its foreign ministry said on Monday, as anger spreads internationally over Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

"China will do its utmost to encourage the Security Council to fulfil its responsibilities, play its role, build consensus and take responsible and meaningful actions as soon as possible to ease the current crisis and safeguard the safety of civilians in order to restore peace," ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a regular news conference.

China's statement came as the death toll in Israel's now month-long bombardment of Gaza surpassed 10,000.

Almost half those killed are children, and Israel has struck residential buildings, as well as ambulances, places of worship and hospitals where thousands have sought refuge.

Israel has also killed over 150 people in the occupied West Bank since 7 October, stepping up its raids amid Palestinian anger over the war on Gaza.

China took over the rotating presidency of the UNSC last week.

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The ongoing war in the region tops the Security Council's agenda in November, said Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, according to state media.

"It is imperative to promote a ceasefire and halt the fighting, prevent further civilian casualties, prevent a larger-scale humanitarian disaster and prevent the conflict from spilling over," China Daily reported Zhang as saying.

China's special envoy to the Middle East, Zhai Jun, has just wrapped a tour of the region.

Zhai, who met leaders of several countries over the crisis, pinned the cause of the Israel-Gaza crisis on the lack of guarantees for Palestinian rights.

The presidency of the UNSC rotates among the 15 member states of the council monthly. China last held it in August 2022. 

(Reuters and The New Arab Staff)