Children killed in Syria's Homs by 'napalm' mortar rounds

Children killed in Syria's Homs by 'napalm' mortar rounds
Two children were killed in shelling by the regime on rebel-held parts of Homs, central Syria,, reportedly using incendiary napalm bombs.
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28 August, 2016
Al-Waer has been subject to sustained attacks by the regime [Anadolu]
Two children were killed in regime raids targeting the neighbourhood of al-Waer with napalm incendiary bombs, while more than 10 other civilians were wounded in regime airstrikes on the same neighbourhood, according to sources on the ground.

Meanwhile, three civilians were killed and 12 others – including women and children – were wounded in Russian airstrikes on Idlib’s countryside.

"Regime forces targeted Waer neighbourhood in Western Homs with a mortar containing napalm - an internationally banned substance - killing two children, burning many civilians and damaging residential buildings" Mohammad Sibai, a spokesman for the oppostion-aligned Homs Media Centre told The New Arab.

Al-Waer neighbourhood is the last remaining rebel-held district in Homs following a truce between the opposition and the regime in the city in 2014.  

Residents of Daraya near Damascus had previously accused Russian aircraft of using napalm bombs in attacks on the area.  

Sibai added that regime warplanes also launched an air road of fourteen missiles on the neighborhood wounding dozens of civilians, including women and children.

Meanwhile a Russian warplane targeted north of Idlib city with four airstrikes, including two cluster bombs, killing three civilians and severely injuring a dozen people, according to media activist Musafa Abu Mohammad.

"Civil defence teams prevented civilians from approaching area and removed the remains of cluster bombs drooped by Russia aircraft on civilian homes," he said.