Charlotte Tilbury says Bella Hadid a ‘close friend’, denies Gaza dispute

Charlotte Tilbury says Bella Hadid a ‘close friend’, denies Gaza dispute
Charlotte Tilbury has told The New Arab that Bella Hadid remains a close friend of the company as their professional relationship has come to an end.
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29 February, 2024
Bella Hadid has been vocal on her pro-Palestinian views [Getty]

Beauty company Charlotte Tilbury insists Bella Hadid is still a "close friend" as the two parties ending a long-standing collaboration, which some had alleged was due to the supermodel's pro-Palestine views.

The company said the professional relationship ended its relationship with the Dutch-Palestinian model as she is launching her own line of beauty products, and has nothing to do with her political views.

There had been unfounded speculation on social media that Charlotte Tilbury could have been unhappy with the model's pro-Palestine views and posts about Gaza on social media.

Bella Hadid's father, Mohammed, has also been vocal about his Palestinian heritage.

"Bella Hadid and Charlotte Tilbury Beauty’s professional relationship has come to its end as Bella prepares to launch her own beauty brand," the company told The New Arab.

"Bella Hadid remains a close friend of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty."

"[It is not the case that] personal views held by Bella impacted our contract or relationship with her," the makeup maker insisted, saying they are looking forward to the launch of her own  beauty brand, Orabella, later this year.

On Thursday, the model posted a teaser on Instagram: "Orebella founded by Bella Khair Hadid. Reveal your alchemy on 5/02."

Hadid has faced backlash for her pro-Palestinian views and it was speculated last year the model was dropped by designer Dior and replaced with an Israeli supermodel because of this, however, her contract had expired in 2022.

The model issued a statement last year in support of the people of Gaza amid Israel's brutal military onslaught, which has now killed over 30,000 people since October.