Chad, DRC, Rwanda deny reports of talks with Israel on taking in forcibly displaced Palestinians from Gaza

Chad, DRC, Rwanda deny reports of talks with Israel on taking in forcibly displaced Palestinians from Gaza
Chad, the DRC, and Rwanda have all dismissed reports that they've had discussions with Israel on taking in Gaza's forcibly displaced Palestinians.
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06 January, 2024
Chad was one of three African countries to dismiss reports it would take in forcibly displaced Palestinians [Getty]

Three African countries have dismissed Israeli media reports that they have had discussions Israel on taking in Palestinians in Gaza who have been forcibly displaced by Tel Aviv's war on the territory.

Officials from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Chad have all said that they have not had the discussions with Israeli officials that were reported Israeli media outlets including i24NEWS earlier this week.

Chad's government "categorically denies the recent allegations broadcasted by the Israeli channel i24, which claim that talks between Israel and Chad are taking place with the aim of receiving thousands of Palestinians from Gaza," an official spokesperson was reported as saying on Saturday.

"Our commitment to the fundamental principles of international law prohibits any agreement to displace individuals from Gaza or participation in such actions, as it would constitute a violation of these rights,” the spokesman reportedly said.

Rwanda's foreign ministry on Friday issued a "disinformation alert" over the reports, and said it is "not in discussion with Israel on transfer of Palestinians from Gaza".

DRC government spokesman Patrick Muyaya was also quoted as saying that the Israeli media claims were false, and that there were no plans to take in forcibly displaced Palestinians.

Most of Gaza's 2.3 million population have been displaced by Israel's indiscriminate and brutal war, which has so far killed at least 22,700 people.

Some Israeli ministers have called for Gaza to be ethnically cleansed of Palestinians, while others have said the territory will remain under some kind of Palestinian civil control.

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Egypt's Sinai peninsula has been touted by some Israeli politicians as a possible site for Palestinians to be forced into - but Cairo has repeatedly rejected such a plan.

The permanent forced displacement of Palestinians would constitute a war crime, rights groups and legal experts have said.