'Car ramming' foiled in Antwerp by Belgium police

'Car ramming' foiled in Antwerp by Belgium police
Belgium police have foiled a car ramming incident in Antwerp, a day after a British man drove a car into crowds close to London's Westminster.
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23 March, 2017

Belgium - Antwerp car ramming

Belgian police have prevented a car ramming incident in Antwerp after a man tried to drive into a busy shopping area at high speed.

Police said that a man of north African origin was arrested and used a car with French registration plates, Antwerp police chief Serge Muyters told AFP.

Knives and other weapons were found in his car, police said.

"A vehicle with French plates has tried to drive at high speed into the Meir (shopping street). A man in camouflage was taken away," Muyters told a news conference.

"The pedestrians had to jump aside," he added.

The incident follows another car ramming incident in London on Wednesday, which left at least three people dead plus the attacker.

The attack took place on Westminster Bridge, before the man stabbed a police officer dead outside the UK parliament.

On the same day, Belgium marked the one year anniversary of the Brussels attacks in which 32 people died.

Speaking about the recent foiled event, Antwerp mayor Bart de Wever applauded Belgium's security forces.

"My gratitude on behalf of all Antwerp to the soldiers who have intervened, the police services and the special intervention force," he tweeted.