Car bomb rips through Yemen's Aden amid shaky ceasefire

Car bomb rips through Yemen's Aden amid shaky ceasefire
An explosion that ripped through a central Aden area on Friday has been claimed by the Islamic State group.
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15 April, 2016
The coastal city has witnessed several bomb attacks in recent months [Getty]
The Islamic State group has claimed an attack that left one person dead in Yemen’s coastal city Aden on Friday, as the country struggles to hold a ceasefire aimed at ending months of violence.

The car bomb exploded nearby a local foreign ministry office in the Remy area of the Mansoura district.

Hundreds of worshippers gathered for Friday prayers at a nearby mosque scattered as black smoke rose at the scene.

A man was seen parking a car and fleeing shortly before detonating the device, local media reports.

On Tuesday, at least five Yemeni soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber belonging to the Islamic State group detonated an explosive belt among army recruits in Aden on the second day of the country's ceasefire.

The recruits were heading to their base in the southern coastal city when the militant infiltrated, in what seems to be a repeat of earlier attacks in Aden.

The temporary capital has seen an increase in violence amid growing security concerns.

In February, a car driven by a suicide bomber exploded at a military checkpoint, killing and injuring many in the northern area of Mosabein, Aden.

Dozens of soldiers were also killed in an earlier attack on a government military camp outside the Presidential Palace in the city, the sources said.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and Islamic State group militants have taken advantage of 13 months of civil war in Yemen to expand their presence in Aden, where the embattled government is now based.