Car bomb kills and injures dozens in Iraq's Diyala

Car bomb kills and injures dozens in Iraq's Diyala
Video: A suicide bomber has left at least eight people dead after a bomb was detonated near a security checkpoint in Khales, a day after an attack in northern Baghdad.
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25 July, 2016

Diyala bombing

At least eight people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in the Iraqi town of Khales, north of the capital Baghdad on Monday morning.

"A suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden car detonated this morning near a security checkpoint at the entrance of Khales, north of Diyala," a security source told The New Arab.

"Eight people were killed and 12 others were injured in the attack," he said, predicting an increase in the preliminary death toll.

In a statement published in the wake of the event, MP for the coalition of state law, Muwaffaq al-Rubaie blamed the increasing violence on a lack of coordination between Baghdad’s security forces.

"The most important factors that led to the deterioration of security is the absence of a clear security vision in Baghdad, a lack of joint coordination between forces as well as overlapping powers between security ministries and command of operations,” the statement read.

No claim of responsibility has yet been made, however the Islamic State [IS] group frequently carries out attacks on government forces as well as members of Iraq’s Shia Muslim majority, whom it considers heretics.

On Sunday, at least 15 people were killed when an Islamic State suicide bombing hit a Shia area of northern Baghdad

The attack wounded 29 others when it struck near a checkpoint in the Kadhimiyah area, home to a major Shia shrine that hosts thousands of visitors throughout the year.

The bombing was claimed by the Islamic State which issued a statement confirming it targeted soldiers and pro-government paramilitaries in the area.

Earlier this month, Baghdad was hit with the deadliest attack when an IS suicide bomber struck shoppers in Baghdad's central Karrada district, killing 292 people.

Just days later, 40 others were killed during an attack on a Shia shrine in Balad, north of the capital.

Since late last year, IS has suffered a string of territorial losses, most recently last month in Fallujah, where it was driven out by Iraqi forces after occupying the city for more than two years.

But in response to the losses IS has begun to carry out near-daily bombings in and around Baghdad.