Calls for Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire to be renamed 'The Daily Israeli Wire' over its extreme pro-Israel bias

Calls for Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire to be renamed 'The Daily Israeli Wire' over its extreme pro-Israel bias
Criticism mounts against Ben Shapiro and his media outlet, The Daily Wire, as fellow Conservative commentators accuse him of pro-Israel bias and censorship
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05 April, 2024
Shapiro (R) accused of censorship after sacking of Candace Owens (L)

Following the departure of Candace Owens from his outlet, Jewish right-wing media personality Ben Shapiro has been criticised for his 'untransparent' and 'censorship-driven' pro-Israel bias by fellow Conservative commentators, some of whom have gone as far as calling for Shapiro's outlet to be renamed The Daily Jewish/Israeli Wire.

Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator and founder of The Daily Wire, is known for his rapid-fire speaking style and controversial takes on politics and culture. During Israel's war on Gaza, Shapiro has fully endorsed the actions of the Israeli military without reservations.

"Daily Wire can be DJW...Daily Jewish Wire...or DIW, Daily Israel Wire [...]. If that's your value, stick to that", said Conservative commentator Patrick Bet-David on his podcast on Thursday in a direct jibe at Shapiro's outlet.

This comes as comedian and podcaster Andrew Schulz strongly criticised Ben Shapiro's recent defense of the Daily Wire's decision to part ways with Candace Owens. 

This follows Owens' vocal criticism of Israel's military actions in Gaza, which subsequently led to accusations of 'anti-Semitism'. 

On his "Flagrant" podcast, Schulz accused Shapiro of hypocrisy, highlighting the Daily Wire's founding principles of free speech and anti-censorship. Co-host Akaash Singh questioned the apparent double standard, asking whether the Daily Wire operates based on American values or Shapiro's personal alignment with Israeli interests.

Schulz further criticized Shapiro's willingness to critique the United States and American political figures, while appearing reluctant to offer similar commentary on Israel. He questioned whether Shapiro's stance compromises his commitment to unbiased commentary.

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The Daily Wire: A Force in Conservative Media

Founded in 2015 by Ben Shapiro and filmmaker Jeremy Boreing, The Daily Wire has established itself as a cornerstone of conservative 'anti-woke' media. Shapiro, a Harvard Law School graduate with a penchant for rapid-fire debate and sharp critiques of progressive politics, serves as Editor-in-Chief. Boreing, a film director, focuses on the business and production side of the operation.

The Daily Wire's core ethos lies in presenting a forceful counterpoint to what they perceive as a liberal-dominated media landscape. Their articles, podcasts, and videos often target mainstream news outlets, social trends, and progressive figures for robust criticism. This combative approach has garnered both loyal supporters and fierce detractors.

Beyond news and commentary, The Daily Wire has expanded into entertainment. Original films, documentaries, and their DailyWire+ streaming platform cater directly to a conservative audience. Recently, they launched Bentkey, offering children's content aligned with conservative values.

In addition to Shapiro, commentator Candace Owens before her firing hosted a popular program on the platform. Other prominent voices include Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan – all offering perspectives firmly within the traditional conservative spectrum.

The Daily Wire frequently finds itself in the spotlight for publishing articles accused of spreading misinformation and promoting conspiracy theories. Their use of polarizing language fuels accusations of fostering division rather than reasoned debate. The platform's positions on LGBTQ+ issues particularly draw heavy criticism and now Israel's genocide in Gaza.