Cairo invites Palestinian Peoples Party to reconciliation talks

Cairo invites Palestinian Peoples Party to reconciliation talks
The Palestinian Peoples Party announces it will be sending a delegation to the November reconciliation talks in Cairo.
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11 November, 2017
The Palestinian reconciliation talks are planned for November 21 in Cairo [Getty]

Egypt has officially invited the Palestinian People's Party for reconciliation talks in Cairo between Palestinian factions, the party said in a statement.

The talks are scheduled to take place on November 21 in the Egyptian capital.

The PPP said in a statement that it will be sending a delegation to Cairo led by the party's secretary-general Bassam al-Salihi.

So far, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hamas have also announced that they have been officialy invited to the November talks.

The reconciliation talks will follow a landmark deal that was signed between rival groups Fatah and Hamas in October. The deal aimed to end 10 years of bitter rivalry between the two Palestinian factions.

In accordance with the deal, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is set to take control of the Gaza Strip, which has been under Hamas control since 2007.

In recent days, cracks have started to show in the deal, with Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah saying on Tuesday that the PA still does not have full control of Gaza's border crossings, with Hamas still dominating the police and security inside Gaza.

Hamas rejected Hamdallah's claims, with a statement saying it had fully transferred power.