British MP says 'Inshallah' UK will see stability under Rishi Sunak

British MP says 'Inshallah' UK will see stability under Rishi Sunak
British MP used the popular Arabic phrase 'Inshallah' when talking about his hopes for Britain's immediate future during an interview.
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25 October, 2022
An official portrait of Mr Bob Seely [via Wikimedia Commons]

A video of UK Conservative MP Bob Seely saying "Inshallah" in response to a question about the future of Britain has baffled social media users.

Broadcast on Sky News, Seely can be heard telling the interviewer that he hopes the drama of the past few months within the Conservative Party will be behind them under new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

"Come next spring, come next summer, all this in the last few weeks, last couple of months, I think, Inshallah, it is going to be a distant dream," he said. 

Inshallah is an Arabic phrase meaning ‘if God wills’. It is commonly used by Arabs and Muslims around the world when speaking about the future.

The clip is being widely shared on social media, and has been picked up by a variety of news channels and prominent journalists. 

"Bob Seely said inshallah on Sky News, is this in his everyday vocabulary or does he think Rishi is Muslim," wrote one Twitter user.

"Bob Seely has just said Inshallah in his interview with Beth rigby.. what is going on," said another.

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Britain has been in political turmoil over the past few months, with Rishi Sunak - the country's first prime minister of South Asian heritage - becoming its third prime minister in three months.

Sunak inherits a polarised country beset with major economic challenges that have seen inflation rise to unprecedented levels in recent memory.