British octogenarian says Egyptian 'toyboy' husband should be deported

British octogenarian says Egyptian 'toyboy' husband should be deported
After their whirlwind romance found national attention on ITV's This Morning chat show, it has all ended in tears for 80-year-old Iris Jones and her 34-year-old Egyptian husband Mohamed Ibrahim.
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17 September, 2023
Sadly the romance between Iris Jones and Mohamed Ibrahim did not last [Getty]

An 80-year-old British grandmother who married a 34-year-old Egyptian ‘toyboy’ after a whirlwind romance is now demanding that he gets deported after he allegedly took £25,000 ($31,000) of her cash, according to a story in The Daily Mirror on Saturday.

Iris Jones and Mohamed Ibrahim’s romance became national news during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning show, where she told viewers how she had met Mohamed for the first time in Egypt after five months of chatting online.

The Egyptian proposed to Jones over Facebook and once she flew to Cairo and met her so-called ‘toyboy’ in person, she accepted.

Prior to being swept over feet by her Egyptian lover, Jones had been divorced for over 40 years, while Ibrahim had been in an arranged marriage for 10 years. 

They then wedded in Cairo, and Ibrahim moved to the UK to live with her. But after two years of marriage, Jones revealed in June that she had kicked her husband out after claiming that he had failed to repay up to £25,000 in loans. Ibrahim denies these allegations.

However, bank balances shown to Daily Mirror reporters, appear to back Jones’ claims up. 

Ibrahim, who is still an Egyptian national, is looking to extend his spousal visa to stay in the UK, but Jones has asked the Home Office to reject his claim and deport him back to Egypt.

“The bank warned me, the police warned me, my family and friends warned me. But I didn’t listen. I was blinded by love. He doesn’t deserve a UK visa with the way he treated me. I’m worried he might do the same to someone else”, she told the paper.