Brazil President Bolsonaro's sons show off Israeli military t-shirts

Brazil President Bolsonaro's sons show off Israeli military t-shirts
An image has been shared on social media that appears to show the sons of Brazil's new far-right president wearing t-shirts in support of Israel's military.
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06 November, 2018
Carlos and Eduardo Bolsonaro were both seen wearing pro-Israel shirts [Twitter]

An image purportedly showing the sons of Brazil's new far-right president-elect wearing Israeli military t-shirts has been shared by activists on social media.

Carlos Bolsonaro is seen in the image wearing a Mossad shirt, referring to Israeli's national intelligence agency, while his brother Eduardo dons a top with "Israel Defence Forces" emblazoned on it. Both the sons are politicians.

Although The New Arab cannot independently confirm the veracity of the image, Eduardo's Twitter profile from 2016 shows him in Israel - or a settlement in the occupied territories - wearing an Israeli football shirt with an armed Israeli man.

The tweet says: "Does anyone think they're going to want to hurt these little kids in the picture? Weapons serve to defend too. Citizen in Israel."

His father has promised to ease gun restrictions in Brazil to allow the population to buy weaponry.

Palestinian activists say the latest image is further proof that Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro will seek closer ties with Israel, a country facing international criticism for its continued occupation of the West Bank and siege on Gaza.

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Bolsonaro has already voiced his support for Israel and said he would replicate steps taken by the US, under President Donald Trump, to undermine Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

These include moving Brazil's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would informally recognise Israel's illegal occupation of the eastern half of the city, which is claimed by Palestinians.

Bolsonaro has also reportedly suggested that he might close the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia, a move that would effectively end Brazil's recognition of a Palestinian state.

Israel has also warmly welcomed the election of the far-right politician to the highest position in world's fifth-largest country. One Israeli official stated that "Brazil will now be colored in blue and white" following Bolsonaro's election win. 

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called Bolsonaro to congratulate him on his election win, and is widely expected to attend his inauguration.

It would mark a major shift for Brazil's Middle East foreign policy, following years of opposition to Israel's siege on Gaza and occupation, and could pave the way for more South American countries establishing closer ties with Israel.

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