Bloodshed in Baghdad as suicide bombers target civilians

Bloodshed in Baghdad as suicide bombers target civilians
A market, restaurant and checkpoint in Iraq's capital have been targeted by suicide bombers who it is believed belong to the Islamic State group, killing at least 15 people.
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04 June, 2016
Bombings by IS militants are becoming frequent in the Iraqi capital [Anadolu]

Bombs hit the Iraqi capital again on Saturday, with an Iraqi security forces checkpoint, a restaurant and two markets in and around Baghdad targeted.

The bombings left at least 15 people and more than 40 wounded.

The deadliest attack was a suicide bombing against on a checkpoint in Tarmiyah, just north of the capital, which killed eight people - including three soldiers - and wounded 15 others.

Two separate attacks on markets in Baghdad killed five people, while a bomb hit a restaurant killing two people.

Speaking anonymously, police and hospital officials confirmed the casualty tolls to AP.

The attacks come as Iraqi forces slowed their advance on the western city of Fallujah held by Islamic State group militants.

But IS remain very much on the defensive, having lost territory to Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the north, while Iraqi security forces and allied Shia militias are slowly moving northwards and westwards.

The slowdown of IS' military campaign has seen it launch a campaign of bombings and shootings on soft targets, including checkpoints, mosques and markets.

On 30 May, at least 20 were killed when I wave of bombings struck the capital, while a week earlier a suicide bomber struck a market in northern Baghdad killing and injuring dozens.

Rising civilian deaths have led to angry protests in Baghdad, with demonstrators blaming the Baghdad government for the security vacuum.

Shia militias have taken a leading role in the government's military offensives and security in civilian area, although they have been criticised for heavy-handed policing and massacres in IS-liberated areas.

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