Biden says he'll end Trump's 'Islamicphobia' travel ban in call with Muslim activist Linda Sarsour

Biden says he'll end Trump's 'Islamicphobia' travel ban in call with Muslim activist Linda Sarsour
Joe Biden made a well-meaning vow to end 'Islamicphobia'.
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05 August, 2020
Biden has vowed to end Trump's Muslim travel ban [Getty]
US presidential hopeful Joe Biden has made a well-meaning pledge to end "Islamicphobia" in the country and President Donald Trump's travel ban during a talk with American-Muslim activist leaders.

Referring to Trump's 2017 so-called "Muslim ban" - which restricts entry to the US to visitors from a number of countries, including Syria and Yemen - Biden vowed to end this practice, widely slammed as Islamophobic.

"If I have the honour of being president, I will end the Muslim ban on day one, day one," he told leading members of the Million Muslim Votes Summit, including Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour.

"One of the things I think is important, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith," he said, accusing Trump of "fanning the flames of hate", according to The New York Post.

Biden went on to describe Trump's administration as dogged with "Islamicphobia", rather than the commonly accepted term, "Islamophobia".

"He's named people with a history of open Islamicphobia - open, straightforward, who have no business serving in high positions in our government - to key leadership roles in our Department of Defense and the US Agency of International Development," he added.

Trump was once a close ally of ultra-nationalist Steve Bannon and recently appointed "white nationalist" Sebastian Gorka to his education board.

Sarsour called on Muslim-Americans to back Biden and vote out Trump, who she linked to "fascism".

"This is not about who you like and who you don't like, it's about whether you want to defeat fascism in America," she added.

"We want to see Joe Biden in the White House but we also want Joe Biden to know that we will hold him accountable to our communities," she added.

US elections take place in November which will see President Donald Trump challenged by Democrat hopeful Joe Biden.

Many Muslim-Americans say that Donald Trump's administration is the most hostile to them in living memory.

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