Bidaya demands an end to injustice in Egypt

Bidaya demands an end to injustice in Egypt
Following the 2013 military coup in Egypt, dozens of activists have been arrested. A new activist group wants to put an end to the repression of dissent.
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26 April, 2015
Dozens of young activists have been imprisoned for their activities [Anadolu]
A new revolutionary youth group has been launched in Egypt to tackle abuses by the authorities.

Bidaya ["The Beginning"] says it is an alliance of activists aimed at renewing the goals of the January 2011 revolution.

A statement issued by the group said that it demands the release of all prisoners of conscience, an end to the country's draconian protest law, a restructuring of the interior ministry, and the prosecution of all involved in torture.

The group demands a new justice law be established, and all involved in corruption, looting and murder to be brought to justice.

Bidaya also has social aims, such as an end to unemployment and poverty.

They want new labour legistlation that guarantees fair pay for Egyptians and better working conditions.

"We are a group of youths, not leaders, and the link between youths who dream of a better and free country. We are calling on everyone to unite once more and resume the dream together," the statement read.

Bidaya held its first event in Alexandria yesterday, when dozens of activists created a human chain, chanting "God, the homeland, the revolution".

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.